Tampa-based designer Timala of Decurated Interiors recently shared a design with us that we just HAD to feature.  Although the design is yet to be complete, the design direction is flawless and her mood board will give a glimpse into what's to come. Timala adorned this living room with our Ivory and Grey Dots and Silver and Grey Splotch pillow covers. Follow along as we chat about design decisions, inspiration, and tips on how to craft a space that "Wow's".


Let's first start by telling the fam a little bit about yourself!

I'm Timala, founder of Decurated Interiors which is a virtual interior design studio bridging the gap between DIY and DFY home interior design. I'm a 757 girl based in Tampa, FL servicing clients all across the internet

If you named your project what would it be called and why?

Sometimes I come up with really creative names for my projects. Other times, it's a combination of the client's last name and numbers/word associated with the project site. This one is called "Project Lake House" as it sits near a lake.

What was your inspiration for this space?

Music was a big inspiration for this project. She's musically inclined with an extensive record collection and vintage heirloom record player so we wanted the space to feel moody, inviting and entertaining.


What was it that drew you to the Ivory and Grey Dots fabric?

The sofa is a bright chartreuse so I wanted the rest of the textiles to bring in neutral shades while adding contrast. I also layered the dots with a complimentary pattern which was perfect for the vibe of the room.

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August 16, 2023

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