We all know how important our bedrooms are as a place of refuge, relaxation, and comfort. It's where we spend a significant amount of our time, whether it's for sleeping, reading, or simply unwinding after a long day. And one of the easiest ways to make our bedrooms cozier is by adding designer throw pillows.

With the right selection of pillows, you can transform your bedroom into a cozy, stylish, and functional haven. From choosing the right colors and textures to layering your pillows in different ways, we've got you covered with some expert tips and tricks. So, let's dive in and start creating the bedroom of your dreams!

Play with proportions

Use designer throw pillows to play with proportions and create a sense of balance in your bedroom. Consider using larger pillows as the base and layering smaller pillows on top to add depth and interest.

Don't be afraid to break the rules a little when it comes to proportions. Play around with different sizes and shapes until you find a combination that works for you. Whether you choose to go big and bold with your throw pillows or keep it simple and understated, the key is to create a sense of balance that feels just right. So, go ahead, have some fun with your designer throw pillows, and see how they can transform your bedroom into a cozy and stylish haven.

Consider the pillow fill

The type of fill used in your designer throw pillows can greatly impact the comfort and look of your bedroom. If you're looking for a soft and luxurious feel, pillows with down or feather fill are a great choice. These pillows are known for their plush texture and cozy warmth, making them ideal for snuggling up in bed with a good book or movie. However, if you're someone who suffers from allergies or prefers a vegan-friendly option, you may want to opt for a synthetic fill. These types of decorative pillows can offer similar comfort and support but without the risk of allergic reactions.

Use pillows to complement the room's style

Your designer throw pillows can play a big role in complementing and enhancing the look you're going for. For example, if you have a modern bedroom with clean lines and a minimalist feel, consider using pillows with simple geometric patterns or bold graphic prints. This will help tie the room together and create a cohesive look.

On the other hand, if you have a bedroom with a more rustic or natural feel, you might opt for pillows with natural textures and warm, earthy colors. Think about incorporating pillows made from materials like wool, linen, or even burlap to help create a cozy and inviting atmosphere. Ultimately, it's all about finding pillows that you love, and that help you create the look and feel you're going for. So, don't be afraid to mix and match different patterns, textures, and colors until you find the perfect combination for your space.

Layer pillows in different ways

One popular technique is to layer pillows with different textures. For example, you could pair a soft and fluffy faux fur pillow with a sleek and shiny satin pillow for a look that is both cozy and glamorous. Alternatively, you could layer pillows with different patterns, such as a floral print pillow with a geometric patterned pillow. The key is to choose throw couch pillows that complement each other in terms of color and style while still offering some contrast in texture or pattern.

Another fun idea is to arrange your pillows in a diagonal or asymmetrical pattern. This can create a sense of movement and energy in your bedroom decor while also making your pillows look more organic and natural. For example, you could place a large square pillow in the back corner of your bed and then arrange smaller rectangular pillows in a diagonal line leading up to the front of the bed. Or, you could arrange your couch pillows in a zigzag pattern, alternating between different sizes and shapes for a more eclectic look.

Use pillows to create a seasonal look

Changing out your designer throw pillows each season is an easy and affordable way to keep your decor feeling fresh and current all year long.

When it comes to selecting pillows for different seasons, think about the colors and textures that are traditionally associated with each time of year. For example, you might choose pillows with bright and cheery colors and floral patterns for spring or cozy faux fur pillows in warm earthy tones for winter.

Of course, there's no hard and fast rule for which pillows to use for each season - ultimately, the choice is up to you and your personal style. So, whether you prefer to keep things classic and understated or bold and colorful, using pillows to create a seasonal look is a fun and easy way to keep your decor feeling fresh and vibrant all year long.

Don't be afraid to mix and match

There's no rulebook that says you have to stick to a single-color scheme or pattern. In fact, one of the most exciting and fun aspects of decorating with designer throw pillows is the opportunity to mix and match different styles and textures to create a look that's uniquely your own.

Don't be afraid to experiment with different colors, patterns, and textures to create a playful and eclectic look. If you're not sure where to start, consider choosing a neutral base color for your bedding and then adding pops of color and pattern with your throw pillows. For example, you could pair a crisp white duvet cover with a mix of bright and bold throw pillows in shades of blue, green, and pink.

If you're looking for designer throw pillows to add to your bedroom, head on over to our website to browse our collection of high-quality pillows in a range of styles and colors. With our extensive selection and affordable prices, you're sure to find the perfect pillows to help you create the cozy and stylish bedroom of your dreams.

March 05, 2023

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