Throw pillows are adorable. They are typically used as supplemental décor by interior designers to add comfort and add style to a space. But as much as we love the soft and plush texture of throw pillows, too much or too little of it in your room can ruin your interior design scheme. How many throw pillows is considered enough? When should we stop adding throw pillows in our seating?

Below, we will discuss how many pillows are ideal to have in the living room and in the bedroom. Stick until the end of this blog before you style your interior with pillows.

How many pillows should there be on a 3-seater sofa?

3-seater sofas are common in living rooms with limited space such as those in small apartments and condo units. If you have a 3-seater sofa, you’re probably wondering how many pillows should you style it with to make it look chic and cozy.

For some interior designers, determining the size of the sofa is necessary to find out how many pillows are ideal to have. For example, if you have a 7-feet sofa, you subtract one digit, and the answer is the number of throw pillows you should have. You can do this trick, however, keep in mind that some sofas look bigger in appearance or smaller depending on their style. Adding and placing pillows based on visual proportion and balance is always a good idea.

If you're still unsure, a reasonable rule of thumb is to use three pillows for regular-sized couches and five for bigger ones.

Another rule of thumb is to have an odd quantity of throw pillows. It will make your sofa look more stylish and it will add visual interest to your space.

How many pillows are ideal to have on a sectional sofa?

The same rules apply no matter how big your sofa is.

For sectionals that are longer, you can have up to 7 throw pillows. Make sure that the number of pillows does not exceed the length of the seating. You can add pillows that are different in sizes, shapes, and styles.

The deeper the sectional, the more pillows you may use, providing you with more creative options in terms of pillow number and size.

Should I put pillows on an accent chair?

Yes! When adding a pillow to a chair, one to two is enough. It can be small or medium-sized depending on how big the accent chair is. If your chair is too small refrain from adding a pillow because it may make the chair look and feel overcrowded.

Where should I place throw pillows?

The placement or arrangement of your throw pillows is crucial to your interior design composition. Generally, there are a few rules you need to take note of.

Make sure that every corner of your sofa has at least one throw cushion for a professional, stylish appearance. This implies that both ends of a conventional sofa should have at least one cushion, however, you can place up to three pillows of different sized in every corner if it better matches your concept.

Placing throw cushions in the middle of your sofa will give it a more aesthetically pleasing impression, depending on its size.

How many pillows should I style my bed with?

Pillows are part of the layers of warmth that are essential in the bed. But there are different kinds of decorative pillows you can have in your bed. This includes shams and accent pillows. The number of pillows you should style your bed with depends on how big your bed is. For example, a suitable arrangement on king beds in three standard pillows, two king shams, and three tiny accent pillows. On the other hand, queen beds can have two pillows, two shams, and three decorative pillows.

Others love using a lot of pillows since they give the appearance of being deeply layered, but if that's your preference, consider assigning a place to keep them at bedtime so that they don't overcrowd the bed. 

How many is considered too much?  

The number of pillows you can place on a bed depends on its size. The number of pillows is typically capped at eight, even with a king-sized bed. Eight pillows or more is already considered excessive because it will take up too much bed space. 

How do I style the pillows in my bed?

There are a lot of components that go into making your bed look fashionable and cozy. Your bed will have more texture and feel cozier if you have a variety of pillows, shams, and throw blankets on it.

Layering pillows on the bed is pretty straightforward. Two sleeping pillows should be positioned against the headboard. Your sleeping pillows will have bed shams in front of them or on top of them. To complete the appearance, stack your accent or throw pillows in the front. When styling the bed with pillows, be mindful of the bed space to avoid overcrowding it.

Now that you already know how many throw pillows are considered ideal to spruce up your living room and style your bedroom, it’s time to do the fun and exciting part: Choosing throw pillow designs! We have a variety of throw pillow designs and decorative throw pillow covers to choose from. Visit our store right here and start browsing!


December 21, 2022
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