Principal Interior Designer of Kea lnteriors (@keainteriors), Chanda Kea, is admired by our team for more than just her beautiful designs. Located in McKinney, TX, they specialize in Contemporary & Modern spaces with hotel style design. Along with this, Chanda is also a true black owned business advocate. She founded  @blackinteriordesignersdfw which serves as a directory for those wanting to hire Black Interior Designers in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. 

Chanda recently designed a client office using our Metallic Blue and Grey pillow cover. Follow along as we chat about design decisions, inspiration, and tips on how to design with accent colors.

First off, tell us a little bit about yourself!

Kea Interiors is a Luxury Interior Design company in North Dallas.We Create Sophisticated, Functional Spaces for Busy Professionals & Elevate Your Quality of Life.

If you named your project what would it be called and why?

This office design project was named "Design Project Remarkable". I decided to name it this because I wanted it to be the definition of what remarkable means- worthy of notice or attention.


What was your inspiration/design vision for this space?

Our client requested modern elegance with black and white elements finished off with pops of slate blue. They wanted to work in an office that has simplicity and style.


What was it that drew you to Metallic Blue and Grey fabric?

It was the perfect selection to add a splash of color to the seating and our client loves it.


I think our favorite detail about this office space is the dark painted ceiling. Can you give tips on how to know when to use an accent wall vs. an accent ceiling?

We always encourage our clients to paint the fifth wall (the ceiling). Even with this office not have the tallest ceiling, we needed to create a way to draw the eyes up. The slate blue gray ceiling paint was the perfect way to do so and add interest as well as a pop of color.

If you are interested in shopping our  Metallic Blue and Grey pillow cover follow the link to shop! It pairs nicely with other Metallics, Blues and/or our beautiful Large Leopard.
September 07, 2023

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