Georgia based designer Amber of Blessed Little Bungalow is the definition of Wonder Woman. She does it all! As an interior designer, content creator, and influencer, Amber has been featured and recognized by notable organizations and publications such as HGTV Magazine, Architectural Digest, House Beautiful, Forbes, Ebony, Apartment Therapy, Domino, Hunker, Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles, Atlanta Magazine’s HOME, Good Housekeeping, and many more.

Upon glimpsing our LRC covers showcased in her design, we eagerly anticipated sharing them! Join us as we delve into her creative process and gain insight into her design journey.

If you named your project what would it be called and why?

This project is called Secret Garden. My client wanted the living room to feel like her own garden. There was a large window in the space that displayed a lot of greenery from the neighborhood's mature trees and landscaping in the front yard. She wanted to mirror that greenery with the paint color in the space and indoor plants.

What was your inspiration/design vision for this space?

My client loves music, Black art, and color. I wanted to add functional furniture that would create a comfortable sitting area for her to lounge alone or with guests, but also a lot of eye-candy and attention grabbing artwork that would strike a conversation. 

What was it that drew you to our Crazy Jade fabric?

I loved the deep green color and sheen of the fabric. It felt regal, expensive, and timeless. It also complemented the other colors, patterns, and finishes we'd add in the space.

The layering in this design is perfection!! Do you have any pointers for mixing and matching patterns and textures?

I like to say that there are no rules! Select patterns and textures you like and pair those that complement each other to offer balance. Sometimes opposites attract, like pairing an animal print with a stripe, or geometric pattern and floral. Also don't feel the need to have an equal amount of each (e.g. two pillows with each fabric) and know that you can switch things up over time. 

Featured pillow covers: Crazy Jade Green, Classic Leopard, Toffee
March 09, 2024

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