The "I Need Help!" Pillow Consultation

Love, Ravin Collection

We have so many pillows. I mean, truly an excessive amount. We realize this can be a gift and a curse. With lots of options can also bring overwhelm and indecisiveness.

Don't worry! We got you covered.

Design is so simple. That's why it's so complicated.

Introducing the "I Need Help!" Pillow Consultation. Perfect for those who have already started their project and just need assistance with the last (and most important) finishing touch... Pillows!

- Simple and Easy Process -


1. Set The Stage

The process will start with you filling out a brief initial questionnaire that includes details like color scheme, fondness of full couch vs. empty space, print preference, etc. We will also ask that you upload photos of your space from different angles including furniture and decor that will be staying. This will set the tone for the remainder of the design phase.


2. The Fun Begins

Our designer, Ravin, has been doing this for quite some time and her attention to detail makes the design phase fun and easy. A few of the deliverables include: 2 unique mood board designs and PDF document with all the direct links for ordering your combination. You will also be given the opportunity to ask for revisions to the initial design.


3. It's Your Turn

To show our appreciation for your trust, you will receive a Fabric Swatch Sampler that includes all the suggested fabrics free of charge. As well as a unique discount code to use on your order. Finally, it's time to commit and give yourself and your space the much needed love they deserve! We adore photos so be sure to share 🩷

Have we met?

Hi, I'm Ravin

I have a passion for design and know my God given purpose is to help people craft beautiful living spaces they can live in, work in, and do life in. A place that exudes warmth, comfort, and personal style.

I truly believe that high quality doesn't always have to mean high expense. Through our carefully curated selection of pillow covers, we aim to bring joy, beauty, and a sense of belonging to those who purchase. It would be a true honor to help you fall in love with your space again.

Happy Customer Reviews
Happy Customer Reviews
Very professional. Answers all of your questions and designs to your needs and likes.
— Teresa M.
Happy Customer Reviews
This experience was well worth the investment to my home. I enjoy having a place to come home to and relax... finally!
— Charmaine D.
Happy Customer Reviews
I enjoyed working with Ravin. She was very professional and provided everything that I envisioned.
— Claudine B.
Happy Customer Reviews
I’m very happy with my pillow combination. I always get tons of compliments when we have people over.
— Taneka B.
Happy Customer Reviews
"Ravin has a very special gift!! She is able to interpret your personal decor desires, integrate her unique perspectives, while transforming your space into a breathtaking showroom"
— Gemekia F.

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions? Maybe these FAQs will help. More questions? Reach out to us here.

How much is this service and what does it include?

The "I Need Help!" Consultation is $75 and includes 2 mood board pillow designs, 1 revision, Fabric Swatch Sampler, and discount code for purchasing your love-at-first-sight pillow combination.

How long is the design process?

The design process takes no more than 2 days but the amount of spots booked weekly are limited. Once the questionnaire is received and fee paid, you will receive an email with a set start date.

Wait times will not exceed more than 10 business days.

How do we communicate?

All communication will be handled via email unless otherwise noted or requested. Our designer is an expert in the E-design field so rest assured all will go smoothly and you will be on your way to a uniquely-you crafted space in no time!