Styling a home’s interior is a fun and exciting task. But most of the time, it can be really tricky. From the process of coming up with a concept, to choosing color schemes and buying furniture, there’s a lot of brainstorming and crucial decision-making. That’s why it is highly recommended to ask the help of an interior designer to make things go smoothly.

But what if you want to style your home yourself? What are the things you need to do and learn so you can style your home like a pro? We’ve narrowed down some designer tips that interior designers typically do when designing spaces. While a lot of professionals have their own streamlined and specialized way of doing things, these ten tips are considered the foundation or the very basics of designing homes that you can learn and do to transform your home’s interior as you had envisioned.

1.   Create A Mood Board


Before you get down to the nitty-gritty, set up a system first by creating an interior design mood board. A mood board will serve as your guide throughout the task so you can finish it fast. Having a mood board that you can refer to will allow you to assess the design and make changes right away. You can avoid making costly mistakes by having all of your design preferences and specifications clearly laid out in a cohesive and creative mood board. 

2.   Accessorize

The simplest method to achieve that designer look is by accessorizing the space. Accessories are the cherry on top of most interior design compositions. Whether it’s a tiny figurine, sculpture, or a bouquet of fresh florals in a vase, these accessories can go a long way to making your home stand out from the crowd. There’s nothing like a home that is livable, welcoming, and stylish – and nothing can transform and truly create a character in a room quite like accessories.

3.   Play with Colors

Many people tend to be careful when it comes to selecting colors to add to their space. For some, sticking to neutrals is the safest way to not make any mistakes in creating a color scheme. But colors are something we shouldn’t be afraid of! In fact, colors have the ability to bring a new and refreshing look to a space. So, go bold with your color choices. Experiment with different color combinations and let your creativity run wild. Although, keep in mind the rules of color theory so you’ll be able to craft a color scheme that is both creative and cohesive with the rest of your home’s décor.

4.   Experiment with Textures 

The texture is essential in interior design to keep things visually interesting. Add texture by carefully selecting your material finishes, textiles, patterns, and other elements including rugs, throw pillow covers, throw blankets, curtains, and many more.

5.   Create the Perfect Ambiance

Create the ideal ambiance that you want to have in your home through proper lighting design. To obtain proper lighting, make sure there is an ample amount of natural light that enters the room. Modify it by placing the right draperies or blinds in your windows, adding mirrors to reflect light and make the room look bright and airy. Don’t forget to design with artificial light so your home can smoothly transition into a different atmosphere during the night.

6.   Make It Dramatic

The word "dramatic interior designs" typically refers to a room that adheres to several different design trends and offers a striking contrast between the colors, materials, and textures. There are many ways you can do to infuse drama within a room. You can color block your walls, add striking artworks or paintings, hang a sophisticated chandelier, or combine together elements of classic traditional interiors with modern.

7.   Balance and Proportion Are Key

You may achieve the ideal balance in the room that you are designing by using the appropriate scale and proportion of the objects, furniture, interior decor, and accessories. It improves the room's harmony and makes it seem cozier. In terms of interior design, the proportion can make or break a room's functioning as well as its aesthetic appeal. Whereas, balance means the equal distribution of design elements to make it appealing to the eye. Balance can be asymmetrical, symmetrical, or mixed.

8.   Add Comfy Elements

An interior that is well-designed is one that feels like home. Good interior design should not just be aesthetically pleasing but should also have a welcoming vibe. Nothing can make a home warm and cozy other than soft furnishings like throw pillows, throw blankets, a couple of ottomans, and even bean bags. Window treatments like curtains, draperies, and blinds also contribute to the comfortability of a home. Style these elements with the rest of your decoration and enjoy living in a beautifully designed and comfortable environment.

9.   Mix and Match

By combining several modern interior design trends with more conventional ones, you may come up with the newest, most innovative design. You'll discover that certain hues, patterns, and materials combine well with one another as you research various interior design trends. As long as you identify parallels in colors, wood tones, lines, and size to bring it all together, you may decorate with items from many eras or styles. To achieve balance while blending several interior design eras, group items in pairs that have the same aesthetic.

10. Don’t Forget to Add Your Own Touch

While staying on top of interior design trends and fashions is always a good idea, there is no denying the importance of incorporating some of your own styles into your living area. Lack of personality prevents a house from ever feeling like a home. A home can never seem like a true home without personality to give it life, regardless of how beautifully furnished and well-equipped it is. Customized it according to the things that inspire you and decorate it with the things you love while taking into account the basic rules of designing spaces.


There you have it! You are now ready to style and decorate your home like a pro. Simply follow these tips and you’ll be on the right track to transforming your home from its current look to the vision that you have in mind. If you are looking for stylish items to add, check our catalog of personality-filled soft furnishings right here.

December 21, 2022

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