One of the simplest ways to add flair to your living room, family room, or bedroom is to accessorize with throw pillows. There are so many decorative throw pillows designs out there to choose from that sometimes, it can be challenging to narrow down the styles and choices you want. The good news is, that you don’t need to limit your creativity to one or two pillow set designs because with pillow covers, you can easily switch the patterns, colors, and texture of your throw pillows! You don’t need to purchase a new pillow – just buy a cover and you’re good to go!

The key to designing pillows stylishly in your living room is to mix them. Your throw pillows don’t have to match. Ideally, they should be of different colors, shapes, sizes, and patterns to create visual interest in your space. There are a lot of ways how to style and mix pillow cover designs. If you are new to the art of mixing pillow designs, this short blog will help you get a head start.

Where to start?

First things first. Pick a color theme or color palette to guide the visual aesthetic of your decorative pillow collection. Look around your living room and pick the 3 dominant colors that can be found around. It can either be the color of the walls, rug, painting, curtains, or other elements that stands out.

Picking colors that are already within the setting will help you tie down the entire look of your living room and make it cohesive with the rest of your decorations and accessories. The effect will still be harmonious even if you select a range of pillows with varied patterns as long as they at least have the same colors. Color combinations that would look great on a living room sofa are complementary and analogous colors.

Narrow down patterns

Select at least three patterns to include in your pillow arrangement composition. As long as each design includes at least one of the colors in the three-color theme you have chosen, you can combine and match any three patterns.

Take note of the pattern size

If you want your designs to complement one another rather than compete with each other, it's crucial to consider the scale of your patterns when selecting patterned decorative pillows. Choose three distinct patterns instead, letting one pattern take the lead.

Your lead pattern should be the biggest pattern in the group, followed by a medium-sized print. Consequently, the third design should be the most subdued, it can be a solid color with an unusual texture, an intricate, or minimalist pattern like stripes and dots. 

The key to pattern mixing is to have small, medium, and large-sized patterns. Too many of each will make the design feel like it clashes and is distracting. Choose 3 covers of varying patterns for a designer touch. Not sure how to mix patterns of different sizes

Throw cushions should enhance, not overshadow, your couch. Large pillows might overpower the decor in your space. They will, however, appear out of place if they are too little. The trick here is to combine different-sized pillows together and layer them to add depth, visual balance, and proportion. This trick will make your living room look more stylish and contemporary. Bigger pillows should be placed at the back of smaller pillows. It’s ideal if their colors are contrasting to really make their patterns and designs stand out against the background.

The pillow sizes we have are: 12x18, 14x30 , 22x22 and 24x24. 

Layer in size and texture

As you arrange the pillows, place the larger pillows at the back and the smaller pillows in the front. The biggest pillows should always be on the backdrop, but you may experiment with medium and smaller or even lumbar pillows in different combinations on the interior for a more distinctive look.

Additionally, to achieve visual harmony, think about using an odd number of pillows. The composition will feel more successfully balanced, for instance, if there are two throw pillows on either side of the sofa and three stacked in the middle.

Be creative!

Lastly, be creative! Inject your own style and try to come up with a composition or decorative pillow arrangement that has never been seen before. The sky is the limit when arranging throw pillows. They are considered the most flexible and versatile décor item to use to experiment with a variety of styles and looks when designing living room spaces.

Add splashes of colors, play with patterns, and experiment with pattern sizes, and fabric details. There are a lot of things you can do to make your throw pillow arrangement one-of-a-kind. Do this while keeping in mind the basic rules of design which are: balance, proportion, and visual cohesiveness.

Where to buy throw pillows?

Now that you know how to mix pillow covers, it’s time to look for the best pillow covers for living room sofas! You can find pillow covers everywhere. In shopping malls, department stores, furniture retail stores, fabric and textiles stores, and many more. Here, we narrowed down the places you can easily go to find the best decorative pillow cover designs.

  • Department Stores and retail stores

Pillow stuffing can be found in department stores although you can also find affordable throw pillow designs in them. However, these designs are widely manufactured which means that they’re not that unique.  To find throw pillows with unique patterns and designs, find a store that sells pillow covers. As long as you know how to mix and style them, you’ll be able to pull off a unique pillow arrangement.

  • Online shops

Browse designs and purchase your favorite throw pillow patterns from the comfort of your home. There is a variety of online shops that sells throw pillow covers at a budget-friendly price. Make sure that you are purchasing from a reputable seller to ensure that the product is of high quality.

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December 21, 2022

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