It is impossible to design living rooms and bedrooms without unique accent pillows! Pillows are the cherry on top of your home’s interior design scheme. They add warmth and coziness to any space and they can instantly change the look and evoke a sense of personality to your home.

Decorating with pillows seems like a very easy task but there’s more to it than what meets the eye. Arranging pillows whether it be on the living couch or in the master bedroom involves careful planning and creativity. If you’re planning to spruce your living room up with designer decorative pillows, you’re in for a little challenge. There’s a ton of brainstorming, decision-making, and tiny changes happening in the background before a final living room composition is finished. But don’t worry! We got your back. Stick until the end of this blog and learn more about the importance of soft furnishings such as cushions, curtains, and throws as well as some tips and tricks on how to style them.

Why Are These Important to Your End Design?

  1. They add color to your space 

Integrating colors in a room is quite a challenge especially if you’re new to the concept of color theory. Using too many bright colors can make your room look visually cluttered and distractive while using too little or sticking to neutrals all throughout can make your interior look dull and lifeless. By simply sprucing up a room with bright-colored accent pillows, you create a balance between these two extremes. Pillows are like that small visual element that ties the overall look of the room together.


  1. They create visual texture


Using unique designer pillows with interesting textures is another way to brighten up your home. Decorating pillows is a great method if you want to create visual texture through color integration and the play of pattern. Visual texture refers to our sense of how a texture would feel. So, when we see pillows in the room, we think of something soft, plushy, and comfy which can evoke a homey vibe and feelings of warmth and comfort.


  1. They enhance the visuals of your interior


There is perhaps no other decoration strategy that can quickly enhance the look of a room and create distinctiveness as easily as adding high-end accent pillows. Pillows are considered a versatile and flexible accessory because you can easily change pillow covers whenever you want to switch to another interior design style. Whether you want a full-blown makeover of your interior of planning to freshen it up for the coming season, you can never go wrong with the right accent pillows.


  1. They evoke a character


Pillows have the power to define the meaning behind your interior design composition. Bold and bright-colored pillows, for example, exude playfulness and creativity whereas, neutral-colored pillows with simple prints and patterns evoke a sense of elegance and minimalism. Fluffy pillows with tassels kind of represent a rustic or country-style interior. Your choice of pillows matters because they can direct what your interior style really is. So, carefully choose your pillows and select something that resonates with what you want to convey in your home’s interior.


  1. They make your room warm and cozy


We decorate our homes for us to feel good about them, be comfortable living in them, and have a place that we’re proud we can call home. Pillows are one of the most important accessories that can make any space feel homey and welcoming! Imagine walking into a living room with a couch filled with beautifully arranged pillows with colorful and fun patterns. Immediately, you can sense a welcoming atmosphere that would make you want to dive right into the comfortable couch and just feel at home.


  1. They complete the look


A room just can’t look complete without pillows. Whether you are aiming for a contemporary, modern, traditional, or country-style interior design, pillows play a big role in making them look complete. Pillows are both decorative and functional. Having pillows on the couch or chair allows you to sit comfortably and enjoy a quiet or fun time with friends and family

You can easily transform the look and the vibe of your space by just adding pillows. Here are some ideas for scattering pillow arrangements so you can bring elegance, beauty, and individuality to your home’s interior décor.

  1. Think of proportion

Image Source: @loveravindesigns


Playing with shape and proportion can make your interior visually interesting. Opt for designer pillow sets with different shapes, sizes, and design patterns. To create cohesion, arrange them with the rule of proportion and balance in mind.


  1. Pick between symmetrical or asymmetrical arrangement


After you've selected the best luxury pillows, you should spend some time thinking about how to best organize them to maximize their aesthetic possibilities. If you desire asymmetry, position them at random. Another wonderful alternative is to cluster the pillows in a symmetrical pattern, which is especially appropriate for bedding.


  1. Mix and match


You may add intrigue and charm by mixing and combining styles and patterns. Pillows that do not match create a decorative and more organic look. You can mix and add a little bit of accent to spice up your interior or you can match if you want a more streamlined approach as commonly seen in contemporary interior spaces.


  1. Go bold with colors and patterns


Image Source: @blessedlittlebungalow

Throw pillows with fun patterns and colors are the perfect way to bring unexpected playfulness to your design concept. They can also serve to connect all of the other aspects of the room.


  1. Unleash your creativity


Pillows are a great opportunity to be creative, have fun, and experiment with a decorative element that is easy to integrate and change. You can incorporate funky patterns and animal prints. Pillows also allow you to use delicate textiles that might not be appropriate for regular use.

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June 21, 2022
Tags: Design Tips

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